Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Doing nothing in particular...

Today got started with some breakfast off the breakfast buffet at our hotel.  Not just continental breakfast, mind you, but full buffet-style meal for free.  I was really imressed with the Marriott Residence Inn in general.  They are suite style hotels with living rooms and kitchens in every room (intended for long-term stay travelers, or perfect for people like me who are on the road all the time).  They serve full breakfast and do free dinner meals four nights a week as well.  Plus, they've got an extensive workout facility complete with basketball court and mini volleyball/tennis court.  Not to mention they give you a little jar full of mints in your room.

We got on the road and drove the long 40 mile stretch to San Jose, where we got around to doing some work and non-work errands.  I searched for a new pair of jeans, which ended without purchasing anything.  I tried on several pair of Levis, but the closest fit I got to what I was going for was a 539 classic straight, and they didn't have any of the 529 low rise straight that I like.  I headed over to GAP next and tried on several pairs there, but didn't find a wash that I really liked.

We got Lyndsay outfitted with a pair of Sea Blue Beaches and blue shorts for our grassroots activities, and while at the mall I wandered around a bit to see the sights.  I got to see the new lineup of brightly colored iPod Nanos.

And I thought this was some interesting co-branding.  Puma and Ducati?  I guess I can see it.

After lunch we headed to FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinkos - but no more!)  We printed out and mounted a huge Crocs logo that will be turned into a stencil as soon as we get to cutting it.

We spent far too long looking for spray chalk (for use with the stencil) at hardware stores.  I called ahead to one that said they had it, only to arrive and have no one know what I was even talking about.  They didn't have it.  It was worth the trip though if only to see the art nouveau hammer/screwdriver/are you kidding me?

We went and checked into the hotel for the night and worked on weekend logistics for a bit after we learned that Molly and Nate broke down AGAIN in the Middle of the Nevada desert.  This came right after the truck was in for inspection and service in Salt Lake City.  They're stuck until at least sometime tomorrow waiting on an alternator, so we'll likely be setting up without them.  Luckily, we have the truck with all the most important stuff.  I feel for them, however.  Being stuck is no fun.  At the same time, I realized that of the three truck breakdowns that have occurred in the last 1500 miles, I have not been in any of the misbehaving trucks when the problems first began.  At least I can rule myself out as the curse.

I've also taken to turning on CNN in my hotel room anytime I'm hanging around.  There's enough political and world news happening right now that it's rather interesting to hear some commentary and news as it breaks.

For dinner I went with Lyndsay to a Hawaiin place right across the street from the hotel.  It brought back memories of Hawaiin Time in Eugene.

Then Stephen got into town and we went for some night caching.  I learned how to fully utilize my iPhone as a geocaching tool (the entire process from looking up caches to finding and logging them).  We went three for three in the dark, which isn't bad.

Tomorrow we'll set up.  thus begins one of the busiest stretches of the tour.  We'll work all weekend and then rush off to Chicago where we'll immediately set up for the Chicago Marathon next weekend.  It'll be 11-12 days straight of work.  I suppose that's not too bad given the fact that we just had nearly a full week off.

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