Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life, Luxury

So as I'm posting this, Molly has just posted her rendition of the same post. She'll tell you it was her idea, but it was most definitely my idea. I only get to steal one of her ideas a day, and I already used it up copying her on a burrito purchase at Taco Bell. Plus, I was the one who pushed for the 5 star hotel in the first place. So my post will be way better anyway. I went to the effort of pulling out the nice camera just to make sure of that.

I was starting to wonder if there was really much of a difference between 4 and 5 star. Yes, there definitely is. That was apparent about two seconds after walking into the room.

So, we're at the Trump Tower Vegas. They went as far as using real gold in the coating of the windows.

We arrived at our rooms on the 34th floor, only to find what looked like one room...

But no, it's just semi-connected rooms that are removed from the hallway, likely to reduce noise of passer-by.

When you walk into the room, it's a very pleasant sight and nice decor overall. It's when you start to look at the details, however, that you get excited.

In the bathroom, you have about 18 different mirrors, including one above the jacuzzi tub.

A glass "stall" of sorts for the toilet, plus look closely and you'll see the TV in the mirror!

A stone shower stall...

Nice cabinetry, a kitchen, LCD TV....

Tea kettle and blender. (margaritas anyone?)

Lit closets with plush bathrobes.

Small living area, where you can even pass the time by playing tic-tac-toe,

Standard abstract artwork to bolster the whole elitist feel...

And of course, the room's other perks would be pointless without a TV remote cover.

There's even a doorbell and electronic lights instead of door hangers for "Do Not Disturb"

With all this, it's tempting to just not leave the room...

But this is Vegas. There will be lots of getting out of the room.

That's it. The 1-5 star hotel ranking experience is now complete (at least until I make it to Dubai to try out the world's first six star hotel).


  1. It may be luxurious, but where's the fish???

  2. Thats very luxurious, but indeed, where is the fish?

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