Monday, December 29, 2008

Zion Followed by a New Toy

Today we spent the day hiking, sightseeing, and exploring in Zion National Park.  I continue to learn more about my camera with each use, and today I had fun with a bit of messing with depth of field, intentional underexposure to capture a maximum number of color tones, and manual focusing.

I'm not sure what was interesting, but the photo sure is.

An understatement.

Good hang time.

Look for the really sloppy 30 second photo editing.  You can even see it at 25% resolution.

After arriving back home, my main Christmas present that shipped 2nd day air finally decided to show up after  7 days.  Thanks Mom and Dad (and Aunt Mary)!

70mm from 8 feet away

Some zoom between 70 and 300, didn't think to look.


Much more fun with this new lens is sure to follow.  I'm looking forward to being able to mess with depth of field to a much greater degree.  This captivating photo of a chair is looking very artsy, for example.

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