Friday, December 19, 2008

Uh, rocks?

After some Swedish pancakes for breakfast, we went and made off with a massive rock that my parents had been after for months.  With permission, we slid it off the property of the nearby aquatic center under a fence and loaded it in the back of the truck.  Then we booked it back home like bandits after a stop at the library.  I was anxiously awaiting a certain package, which thankfully showed up in the early afternoon...

So now I have my new toy and my transition from PC gamer geek to Apple fanboy is nearly complete.  I already appreciate the simplicity of the file structure of the Unix based operating system.  Everything is rather straight-forward, and it makes transferring everything between laptops fairly pain-free.  it's nice to transfer everything off the old laptop and still have 200GB free.  Now I can really go crazy with the camera.

My time with the Macbook was brief in the afternoon, as we had other work to be doing.  We're pitching in with the whole xeriscaping project going on in front of the house (and eventually the back).  Today, we took rock mixed with dirt, leaves, twigs, and more dirt...

and turned it into just rocks!

This involved a screen and water, several hours, and lots of mud.  Yesterday was playing in the snow, today was very much getting dirty in the mud.

I know, it's really captivating stuff, huh?  Going from writing about exotic locales to writing about dirt and rocks...  I'll post some pictures of the partially-landscaped area to at least give some perspective for the seemingly mundane work.

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