Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some things I've learned...

- Every hotel has HBO, but it's whether or not they have Comedy Central that makes the difference.

- Credit cards are anything but secure. Pretty much anyone can use anyone's card.

- Trucks carrying bees are not supposed to stop for gas during the day.

- You don't use the "J" key on your keyboard as much as you'd think.

- Parking large vehicles is a pain pretty much everywhere.

- Always listen to your instincts. You don't have to act on them, but it's usually a good idea.

- Finding new things to explore is much less about where you are, and much more the state of mind you're in.

- The distance between coasts becomes shorter each time you drive it.

- If you act like you're know what you're doing, people will rarely question you.

- A negative split is when you run faster as the race progresses. This is good.

- It's really easy to just talk to people.

- Someone needs to franchise Chop't nationwide RIGHT NOW.

- Asking everyone a question about something you already know the answer to is lame.

- College was a long time ago. Last month was a long time ago. Last event was a long time ago.

- Close friends only become closer when you have to travel to visit them.

- I want a mountain bike.

- The whole "East Coast mentality" isn't as pronounced as West Coasters make it seem.

- When driving a truck, reading every road sign is useful, if not absolutely necessary.

- The longer you travel, the less important "where" becomes.

- Keeping a blog can result in keeping sanity.

- It gets darker a full hour earlier on the eastern side of a time zone than it does on the western side of the same time zone. Duh.

- A job, a purpose, and financial security breeds self-confidence.

- I met a ton of people in college, but I got to know far too few of them.

- Happy is simply a state of mind. You don't need a reason to be happy.

- I shop for clothes like a girl.

- The iPhone is the most useful tool I've ever owned.

- Unless you like burning a hole in your wallet, 2.5 star hotels are as high a ranking as you'll ever really need. You go up to 3 stars and everything from food to internet costs extra.

- Avoid the 1 star hotels though.

- And the 5 star was pretty nice.

- Base part of your tip calculation on whether or not your server can keep up with the rate at which you consume water.

- Swimming is like other aerobic activities except you can't breathe very well.

- Running is actually kind of fun.

- I'm incredibly lucky to have found and gotten this job.


  1. Thank you Adam! Pretty cool reading, learning, and thinking about. Your blog has been and will I'm sure continue to be very fun and worthwhile.