Saturday, January 24, 2009

You choose.

What should I blog about?

Give me a subject, and I will write it.

Oh, and my trip to Eugene followed by two days of riding my bike back to Portland was fun.


  1. so apparently Kevin's work is always hiring. or something. so good luck with that. and friend them on facebook. I usually use my blog for poetry. lol

  2. How about a 70-mile bike ride to Portland? Most people don't really bike so have very little, if any, clue as to what it's like to take such a trip - fighting the wind, occasionally eating bugs, constantly changing layers, dealing with road conditions, horns, bad or rude drivers, surprises, etc, etc. Plus, the wonderful good stuff that also happens. You're a good, creative writer; give it a shot!

  3. Kat - I'll see if I'm inspired to write some poetry in the near future.

    Parents - you pretty much summed up the trip. I just kept going in a straight line and tried to stay warm.

    Gambit of Iron - You hit it on the head! Post on boxer briefs coming right up!