Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eagles, Running, Stupid Children, The Weather...


We saw them!


On average 5-6 days a week for the last month.  Usually 3-8 miles per run, with some intervals, slow endurance, and high pace involved.  This has been complemented by fairly vigorous (spell check wanted me to say viperous, which also sounds really cool) core and upper body workouts plus lots of stretching.  This will come in handy in the future for things such as being race-ready on a bike, running 10Ks and Half-Marathons, chasing down purse-snatchers and other miscreants, and even running from the occasional barracuda that has sprouted legs and decided to take up being a carnivorous land-dweller.


It's not completely their fault.  I had the thought as of late (and have actually considered this dating back before the movie Idiocracy, in all its mediocrity, brought the subject to light) of what happens if our current child-bearing rates continue.  I can't speak for all countries, but in the US it seems that there is a ratio of IQ to children, with higher-IQ couples producing less offspring on average than their idiot counterparts.  This makes complete sense, with smart people rationalizing that less children means better upbringings and more financial security, while stupid people can't figure out how to not get pregnant every 9 months.  This, combined with the general class and income-gap associated with intelligence, means that if this trend continues there's the possibility that the percent of humans living below the poverty level will increase dramatically, as will the overall dumbness of everyone.

The question, then, is as a self-proclaimed smart person, am I obligated to find a smart girl and produce as many smart offspring as possible in my remaining decades of life?  Or should I go the standard route and have 1-2 children that I can support and hope they manage to take over the world?  Or do I abstain from little devils all together out of fear that the number of stupid people they'll have to deal with in their lifetimes will simply be unbearable?


Saint George, Utah has seen dramatically more snow and cold temperatures than usual this year.

Portland, Oregon recently turned into a wintery (tire chains not optional) wonderland, and I hear it's snowing again today.

The temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska was -52F this morning.  Glad I'm not there.

The midwest is a popsicle.

What is going on this winter?


While in Portland Oregon, how should I prioritize the following? (Also known as: Who actually reads my blog in Oregon?)

A - See all the aunts and uncles in Portland
B - See all the aunts and uncles South of Portland North of Eugene
C - See all the friends and relatives in Eugene and figure out what to do with all my stuff stored there
D - See all the other relatives not covered by A, B, or C
E - Become a hermit and take up napping as my primary hobby


  1. hello! being one of your relatives in Eugene, I place myself higher than C on your list. I'll be content with a B standing. :) and I'd say try to find a woman who's moderately smart and start trying to combat the idiots of the nation by having your own medium - intelligent children. I have faith that it can be done. ;|

  2. Well, obviously, if B doesn't happen you will be in Big trouble.