Saturday, January 3, 2009


What do you know?  The puzzle is actually finished!  After putting hundred of pieces in places where they didn't seem to fit but did anyway and driving ourselves crazy matching single pieces against the box picture and working our way through the leaves that made up a good chunk of the entire puzzle, it's complete.  

Now what?  Do we frame it?  Put it back in the box and donate it to some poor unsuspecting family that doesn't know what they're in for?  Burn it (as I suggested recently)?

Tonight as I was cooking dinner we finally got the sunset that I'd been hoping for in order to have a chance to pull out the camera and see what sort of colors I could pull out of the clouds.  I ran outside while dad tended the stove and snapped 20 quick shots.

And for some reason or another I was feeling like a project tonight so I decided to mess around with a picture of my brother.  After several different renderings, this is what I ended up with.  My brother is a big fan (obsessed?) of the Green lantern, so it fits.

The original:

I realized today that while I'm pleased that I've managed to continue blogging about pretty much nothing since wrapping up the tour, I'm not writing as much as I once was, and I kind of miss it.  While I'm a little more creative with a nice camera, I felt one of the strongest points early on was simply whatever I happened to be writing about and how I wrote it.  I'll have to get back to a bit more of that.

Portland and the unknown in T-minus 4 days.

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