Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two things

Both ads.

First, my vote for most entertaining ad of the Super Bowl. Not necessarily the most memorable, or the funniest, but an amazing job of creating personality for two anonymous subjects. The fun party atmosphere and total aloofness of the commercial had me laughing and and wanting to go joyriding with them on the moon. Too bad their ride got jacked. Check it out.

Bridgestone Joyride

The other is unrelated, but is a great ad from Heineken that I saw the other day.

Walk-in closet

And wasn't the game today great? It's too bad the last 20 seconds ended up somewhat anticlimactic.


  1. My vote is with the closet ad.

  2. Bridgestone was also my fav.

    And the 1 second ad...

  3. wow, I have NEVER seen that commercial a hundred timeS!!! :)

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    "SPERM" !! ! ! ! !