Sunday, February 15, 2009


With this horrendous weather we're having in California, I realized that my simple "stick the camera in a plastic bag" solution wasn't going to address the problem of rain getting on the lens and mucking up the photos of the race tomorrow. I figured a hood might be my best bet, but after checking out the only camera shop I could find that was open on a Sunday, I was out of luck. They had a hood for my lens, but it was $40 and was an off-brand accessory. I set about trying to think up what sort of improvised hood I could come up with, when Joey's friend Andrew stumbled upon the answer: red drinking cups usually synonymous with alcohol consumption!

Rather than using a bag for the camera, I rigged up the hoods for both lenses and decided to attach and tape a bag to each lens to make sure there will be no leakage between the hood and the bag. Now I just need to run to the store and get another bag for the second lens. That way I'll have both lenses as options tomorrow.


  1. Can I use that in Godek's new product development class? Hello innovation...

  2. Your photo's turned out great, smart move with the red keg cup! I wish I had brought my big camera out that day, my little point and shoot got SOAKED on Sunday and Monday it wasn't working that well along Tunitas Crk Rd....